Expect another blast of winter coming, Hamilton — Environment Canada is calling for possible snow squalls in and around the city Wednesday evening.

A cold northeasterly air mass off the waters of Lake Ontario is generating flurries Wednesday morning with local snow squalls expected. The Niagara region will likely be affected initially, with bursts of snow hitting the Hamilton area early this evening. As the winds become more easterly near midnight, Burlington and Oakville could also be affected.

The city has issued another cold alert for overnight.

Environment Canada isn't expecting significant amounts of snow to stick around — but visibility could be extremely limited in some parts, especially this evening. "Motorists are urged to be prepared as sudden near zero visibility may be possible," Environment Canada says.

Snow squalls can be a serious problem for drivers. A 96-vehicle pileup happened during a whiteout last week on a busy stretch of Highway 400 south of Barrie.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Dave Woodford says drivers caught in a snow squall should slow down and keep their headlights on to improve visibility for other drivers. He said some drivers are inclined to pull over, but he said it's better to keep the car moving slowly.

"Just crawl through it," Woodford told CBC News. "Snow squalls come in quickly but they leave quickly too."