City postpones debate to make King and Main 2-way streets

A highly anticipated debate about making Main and King Streets two-way has been postponed until Friday.

A highly anticipated debate about making Main and King Streets two-way has been postponed until Friday.

The city’s general issues committee was set to debate a staff report about two-way street conversions on Wednesday. That included a list of future streets to be converted, such as Main and King from Dundurn to the Delta, and numerous other lower-city one-way streets.

But the meeting had such a hefty agenda that councillors voted to postpone the issue. Now it’ll be debated during a budget meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

The staff report also lists Queen Street, Cannon Street and Bay Street as two-way candidates.

The recommendations are part of a five-year plan to convert more of Hamilton’s streets to two way.

The city already plans to convert parts of Bold Street, King William, Rebecca, Hughson North, Park Street North and Caroline to two-way.

In the past 10 years, conversions have included James Street North, John Street, Caroline Street South, St. Joseph’s Drive and Charlton Avenue East.

Also postponed: Coun. Brian McHattie’s motion to drop a $75-million lawsuit with the federal government over the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

The city has already spent $2 million in legal costs with no end in sight, McHattie said.

Councillors will discuss the matter in January when David Estrin, the lawyer representing the city in the lawsuit, will come to city hall.


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