City of Hamilton defrauded by double dipping roofer

Hamilton Police have charged a man with fraud, alleging the man took benifits from the City of Hamilton while working as a roofer.

A Hamilton man was caught red-handed roofing while claiming Ontario Works benefits from the City of Hamilton. He has allegedly defrauded the city $6,000 over a two-year period. 

Police say the name and address he provided to his employer, was the same he provided for welfare benefits. 

Detective Constable Kim Harvey says the city is out $6,000 as a result of the double-dipping income, adding the city distributes Ontario Works, which provides financial assistance for people who need money for basic needs, such as food and shelter.

Harvey said police approached the man while he was on the job, working on a roof on Wellington Street North. He was arrested and charged with two counts of fraud, and is still in custody awaiting a bail hearing.