Hamilton's medical officer of health has lifted a boil water advisory for users of the Freelton municipal water supply.

The advisory was issued on Thursday after city officials detected bacteria growth in the water during routine testing.

The city lifted the advisory on Saturday after subsequent tests came back negative.

Affected residents are asked to take the following steps before they resume drinking municipal tap water:

  • Dispose of water filters that may have come in contact with tap water on or since Wednesday (except for reverse osmosis filters).
  • Get rid of ice made on or since Wednesday.
  • Empty or flush out appliances that use water that could come into contact with utensils, or those that dispense ice or drinking water (dishwashers, fridges with icemakers and water dispensers, for example).
  • Run hot water from a tap until it gets cold in order to drain the hot water tank.
  • Flush all cold water taps for five minutes.

For assistance, questions or concerns, call 905-546-2189 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), or 905 546-CITY (2489) after hours.