The city has issued a Stage Two heat advisory on Tuesday, meaning temperatures in Hamilton are expected to feel like 40 C or higher for a second consecutive day.

At 9 a.m., the temperature at Hamilton International Airport had already reached 27 C, but felt like 35 C with the humidity.

Environment Canada predicts a high of 33 degrees Tuesday, short of the record high of 34.5 C, set in 1983.

Temperature readings maxed out at 31.9 C on Monday, but it felt like 40 C with the humidity.

Power grid expected to be 'OK'

Power demand in Hamilton edged closer to 2012s high, said Larry Roberts, a spokesperson for Horizon Utilities.

"Yesterday, the peak we reached was about 950 megawatts. Last year, we reached 1,000 megawatts on the highest day."

The power grid, he said, can handle current levels of demand.

"We're pretty confident that if things continue, if people will continue to limit their power usage, we expect we'll be OK."

Cory Slinger, Horizon's manager of market development for conservation and demand management, said there are several ways in which consumers can curb their electricity consumption to save money and to relieve pressure on the power grid.

"Closing your curtains or blinds helps cut down on the light coming into your house," he said.

"Having a barbecue instead of using the oven" and "avoiding doing laundry and using your dishwasher during peak times" were among his other suggestions.

Thunderstorms possible

According to Environment Canada, highs in the low-30s are in the forecast to continue for much of the week. On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to peak at 33 C.

Environment Canada says there will be a risk of thunderstorms each day until the weekend, with a 30 to 40-per-cent chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday and 60-per-cent chance of precipitation on Thursday and Friday.

A more comfortable weekend is in the forecast, with greater sunshine and expected highs in the mid-20s.

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