City issues heat warning for Wednesday

Temperatures are expected to feel like 40 C or hotter for a second consecutive day.

Temperatures expected to cool off by the end of the week

The city has issued a heat warning for Wednesday, with temperatures expected to feel like 40 C or hotter for a second consecutive day.

Public health officials advise residents who need to refuge from the heat to visit city-run libraries, pools and recreation centres to cool off. Thirty-eight splash pads will also be open for refreshment outdoors.

In addition, the Salvation Army, the city says, will be distributing water free of charge in Gore Park.

Temperatures across southern Ontario skyrocketed on Tuesday, treating residents to a late blast summer of heat. The heat wave is expected to pass by the end of the week, according to Environment Canada, with highs of 23 C and 16 C in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, respectively.

The city has provide the following tips on how to keep cool:

  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages on hot days.
  • Go to an air-conditioned place. Visit a cool place such as a mall, public recreation centres, public libraries, and other City-run air-conditioned facilities, etc.
  • Dress to protect from the heat. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light coloured clothing. Wear a hat or take an umbrella to keep your head cool and don't forget sunscreen.
  • Take it easy. Limit physical activities (walking, running, gardening, etc.) during the day. If rescheduling activities to dawn or dusk when it may be cooler, protect yourself with insect repellent as mosquitoes are more active at such times. Check labels to apply.
  • Cool off. Take a cool bath or shower.
  • Keep your living space cool. Close your blinds or curtains. Open windows to let air circulate when using a fan.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles. Temperatures in a car can become life threatening within minutes.
  • Check on your neighbours and family.

To check out where to cool off in Hamilton, click on the interactive map of pool, splash pads and wading pools below: