Canada’s Minister of Industry doesn’t want to meet with Hamilton about U.S. Steel either, a reality council will face when it approves a letter from James Moore on Wednesday.

In a March letter to the mayor, Moore wrote to “inform the discussion” regarding the secret deal between the feds and the American corporation, and its impact on pensioners. But he didn’t accept a recent invitation to meet.

“I am carefully monitoring the situation at U.S. Steel and compliance with commitments made in relation to the acquisition of Stelco,” Moore said.

It's the second "no thank you" the city has gotten in an attempt to bring U.S. Steel and the federal and provincial governments together in one room to get more details about the private 2011 deal. U.S. Steel has also declined a public meeting. All parties were invited to a March 7 meeting by the city's steel committee.

Moore is disappointed with the permanent shuttering of the blast furnace in Hamilton, he said. But Hamilton Works is still producing coke, an essential ingredient for steel production that is sent to Nanticoke to make steel, he said.

The letter is a correspondence item at Wednesday’s council meeting.

Here’s what else is on the agenda:

The meeting starts at 5 p.m. CBC reporter Samantha Craggs will be tweeting live. Follow her at @SamCraggsCBC or watch the box below.