A heavy load of snow is inching its way towards Hamilton, set to fall on the city late Tuesday night, but the wicked weather won't bring particularly cold temperatures along with it.

Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for Hamilton Tuesday night. The precipitation is expected to come down in a messy mix of rain and wet snow before switching over to heavier snow after midnight as the temperature drops.

Overnight, the expected low is zero Celsius, with temperatures hovering around 1 degree Celsius throughout Wednesday.

Hamiltonians helped preserve images of our last big hit of snow in CBC Hamilton's photo gallery.

If temperatures get low enough for long enough, Hamilton could see as much as 20 centimetres of snowfall by noon on Wednesday, meaning morning commutes could be slow and messy. Environment Canada is predicting visibility could be reduced to less than 250 metres when the snowfall is heaviest.

Hamilton's shoreline may not see the sleet and rain change to snow until closer to the morning, because the lake effect keeps air temperatures warmer near the water, Environment Canada says. That means snow accumulation along the shoreline could be much less than in areas of the city farther inland from the lake.

On Tuesday evening, city officials said Hamilton snow plow crews were ready to roll and would be clearing streets as necessary beginning with Priority 1 roads such as the Linc, Red Hill Valley Parkway, escarpment crossings and arterial roads.

The city was encouraging residents to park in driveways and stay off the roads where possible so that the plows can do their work overnight and through the early morning hours.

Hamilton city hall said conditions Wednesday may require program cancellations or the closure of facilities and City offices, but it did not announce any advance closures Tuesday evening.

The City of Burlington said Tuesday evening that all public recreation facilities will be closed Wednesday morning in anticipation of the storm. Aldershot and Centennial pools will be open for school programming if the school boards remain open. Burlington city hall will remain open.

Check the CBC Hamilton website Wednesday morning for a list of closures and cancellations.