CBC Radio's comedy show The Debaters will air this afternoon, the first of several shows recorded at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton.

The show begins at 1 p.m. Click here to listen live.

The shows were recorded on Tuesday June 26.

You can listen to part of one of the debates (BBQ's vs. picnics) by clicking the audio on this page.

Hamilton — Is it just part of the Greater Toronto Area?

Local comedian Kyle Radke defended Hamilton's honour while Toronto's Peter Anthony and his slick Bay Street suit said "Hamilton ain't nothing but a suburb."

Here's a list of all the topics debated Tuesday night in Hamilton:

The Canadian Flag - Is it lame or worth saluting? Pete Zedlacher says, "The Maple Leaf Forever." Rebecca Kohler thinks our flag ain't fly.

Picnic in the Park or Backyard BBQ - Which is superior summer dining? Hamilton born Patrick McKenna says, "Nothing beats the BBQ." Graham Crittenden picks the picnic.

Gossip - Is it bad news? Debra DiGiovanni can't get enough grapevine. Dave Hemstad wants to silence it.

Islam Night in Canada - Is our country a "Mecca" for Muslims? Funnylady Eman El-Husseini says, "Canada rocks!" and Ali Hassan says. "It's no paradise."

Storage War - Should we have less stuff or more storage? Dan Redican says, "Get rid of it." Jon Steinberg says, "Stuff it! Anywhere you can."