"It’s been nearly a decade since my grandparents moved out of their house on Arkell St. in Hamilton," wrote Cecilia Macdonald.

She is another Hamiltonian that has contributed to CBC's Hyperlocal project, a Canada Writes and National Film Board of Canada initiative to help Canadians share their stories.

For Macdonald, her story is about her childhood and the home where some of her most valuable memories took place. 

"I can still picture the slanted attic ceilings under which I slept, I can hear the creak of the garage door opening in the morning, the rush of early morning traffic on the highway not 1 block from the window I slept under and the little corner of paradise in their backyard where we could see the stars albeit all the light pollution."

Canadians are encouraged to post text, sounds and images about the places they've called home β€” its urban legends, popular haunts and big personalities β€” for the rest of Canada to see. And learn about how Canadians from all walks of life view the villages, towns and cities in which they live.

Enter for the chance to win a laptop

All stories will be posted online, and at the end of the month, the jury will select a winning entry. The grand prize is an interactive adaptation of the winning story by the National Film Board of Canada's Digital Studio and a laptop computer. The submission deadline is May 3, 2013.

To find out more about the project, go to cbc.ca/hyperlocal β€” and teach the rest of Canada about the Hamilton you know and love.