The cases of two Hamilton police officers from the gangs and weapons enforcement unit will appear in court again early in the new year.

Det. Const. Robert Hansen, who is charged with fabricating evidence and perjury, will appear again on Feb. 7.

Det. Const. Craig Ruthowsky, charged with obstruction of justice and breach of trust, will appear on Jan. 24.


Toronto lawyer Gary Clewley, shown in a photo from earlier this year, is representing Det.-Const. Craig Ruthowsky, one of two officers charged from the Hamilton Police Service gangs and weapons enforcement unit. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

The charges against Ruthowsky relate to the disclosure of confidential information to an unauthorized person. He is being represented by Gary Clewley, a Toronto lawyer who recently represented Hamilton constable Ryan Tocher.

The charges against Hansen relate to fabricated information on a search warrant. Hansen is being represented by Bernard Cummins, who told CBC Hamilton he is still awaiting all the information of the case.

"My client is impatiently awaiting vindication and it's going to be a slow and arduous process, particularly when we won't have disclosure for six weeks," he said.

Cummins said his client is not guilty, and "we fully expect to defend the case and all the principles underlying it."

As for Ruthowsky, "he's not guilty of any criminal offense," Clewley said. "That's his position."

The officers, who are both 38, have been suspended with pay since June. Both earn more than $100,000 per year.