The Hamilton Police Service is looking for a driver who failed to remain at the scene after a collision with a motorcyclist Saturday morning.

Police responded to a collision at the corner of Park Street and Cannon Street shortly after 10 a.m. The motorcycle ended up on the sidewalk following the collision and the car left the scene.

The motorcyclist was transported to hospital with leg injuries, police said.

Park Cannon fail to remain collision

The motorcycle ended up on the sidewalk after the collision and the car left the scene. (Robert Keleti)

According to Andrew Toms, acting staff sergeant with the Hamilton police, the motorcyclist is a male between 30 to 45 years old, and he is expected to be released from hospital.

The vehicle is described as a silver car, but there are no words on the model or the make. Toms said witnesses have provided different descriptions of the vehicle. The collision reconstruction unit will be reviewing videos in the area.

Robert Keleti was on his way to a coffee shop when he witnessed the accident.

“All kinds of apparatus arrived,” he told CBC Hamilton. “I was under the impression of attention being given.”

Keleti, who owns a jewellery shop nearby, described the intersection as a “bad corner” where people don't pay enough attention and make “careless turns.”