Canadian Avro Lancaster in U.K. for historic tour

Canada's Avro Lancaster bomber is joining the only other airworthy bomber of its kind this month in the United Kingdom for a six-week tour. CBC Hamilton has the latest on the bomber's history-making journey.

Vintage warplane arrives in U.K. after epic Atlantic journey from base in Hamilton

Canada's last airworthy Avro Lancaster, has been making aviation history for the past 69 years, but the summer of 2014 is turning into another milestone for the aging WWII bomber.

The vintage plane was united with the only other airworthy bomber of its kind this month in the United Kingdom for a six-week tour.

The much-anticipated rendezvous came after an epic transatlantic journey from Vera's home base at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ont.

The bomber took off from the museum, located at the Hamilton International Airport, on Aug. 5 as hundreds of fans showed up to say their farewell. It arrived in U.K. three days later after making stops in Goose Bay, Nfld., and Iceland.

The bomber flew into the Royal Air Force base at Coningsby in eastern England, where it joined Thumper, a Lancaster owned and operated by Britain's Royal Air Force. Around 100 veterans greeted the plane upon its safe landing. 

Over the six-week jaunt, millions are expected to turn out to see the twin Lancasters in action. 

A successful air show in Canada attracts between 30,000 and 40,000 people, according to Al Mickeloff, marketing manager for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Similar events in Britain yield more than one million attendees, he said. 

CBC Hamilton has the latest on the bomber's historic tour. 


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