Tim Bosma's accused killers say they want to tell their side of the story but can't, according to a report from the Hamilton Spectator.

A Spectator reporter visited both 28-year-old Dellen Millard and 26-year-old Mark Smich in jail this week, but both said they have been advised not to speak.

"I want to talk to you…but I just can't," Millard told the Spectator Tuesday evening, calling the visit "precious." He said getting a visit was "so rare."

Toronto police officers have been searching Millard's Waterloo Region farm this week as they investigate the disappearance of Toronto woman Laura Babcock.

Burned human remains were previously located on the farm, and investigators said they were confident they belong to Ancaster's Tim Bosma, who disappeared after he went on a test drive in his truck on May 6 with two strangers who responded to an online ad.

Forensics and homicide officers wearing protective white suits were seen in front of the main barn at the property on Wednesday. At the back of the barn, police have set up a large blue tent, in the same area they started taking hay out of the barn on Tuesday.

A stained plank of wood was also removed from the barn.

Babcock, 23, had a relationship with Millard, police have said, and was reported missing in June 2012. Babcock's cellphone records show Millard was one of the last people she called before she went missing.

Both Millard and Smich have both been charged with first-degree murder in connection with Bosma's death.

When a Spectator reporter visited Smich at the Toronto East Detention Centre in Scarborough Wednesday morning, he said he would get in touch when the time is right. "When I get out of here or however this works out," he said, adding that his lawyer has advised him not to speak.

Smich said family and friends do keep in touch and visit.

Both men are set to appear briefly in Hamilton court Thursday afternoon, and are pleading not guilty.