It might not have been a bomb, but detectives are still investigating who left a suspicious package outside a business on the Mountain Wednesday evening.

Police were first called to the Cancer Assistance Program building at Concession Street and Cliff Avenue around 7:15 p.m. The area is full of small restaurants and coffee shops, and is surrounded by homes.

A taped up silver suitcase with the words “this is not a bomb,” was left out front by the sidewalk, police say, which was quickly noticed by people walking by. Officers were called in and the buildings next to the package were evacuated. Police also closed down Concession Street between East 22nd and East 23rd.

The explosive disposal unit was called in to figure out what was in the package, and it was determined to not be a threat to the public, police say. “It’s very bizarre, but obviously it wasn’t explosive,” Const. Debbie McGreal Dinning said. “If they do know what’s in it, it’s something that would be held back at this point because the suspects are outstanding.”

Division 3 detectives are still investigating.