A seven-year-old Hamilton hockey player who had been banned from his league will be on the ice again this weekend with a new team.

Melissa Elliott's son Sabastian was banned from registering with the Rosedale Minor Hockey Association this season after an incident with Elliott and her daughter's team in the same league last February. When a bench-clearing brawl in the previous game caused her 17-year-old daughter's game to be cut short, Elliott encouraged her daughter to stay on the ice in protest. The dispute caused both Elliott and her daughter to be suspended for the rest of the season. 

When she tried to register her son Sabastian for the new season in March, Elliott was denied, something she said was unfair to her son. She has now found a new league for Sabastian, a 25-minute drive from their home.

"He's just happy to be able to play, although he would have liked to play with the friends he made [last year]," Elliott said, adding she'd prefer not to name the new league after some negative feedback she received from a previous CBC story on the issue.

Dan Rosser, president of the Rosedale league said it's unfortunate Sabastian got caught in the middle, but said they were trying to do what was best for the league.

"[Elliott] was the one who stirred the pot that evening by keeping them on the ice," Rosser said, adding bans like this are common in hockey and other sports. "If parents act up, unfortunately the poor kid pays the price."

He said they would consider allowing Sabastian to register next season once tensions have died down, but Elliott said she's not interested.

"My hope is he'll just enjoy where he's at and make new friends," she said.

"At the end of the day it makes me happy to see him do something he enjoys."