Hamilton's streak of lotto luck continues.

The winning ticket for the $7.16 million jackpot in Saturday's Lotto 6/49 draw was sold in the city, said Dina Kuhtey, of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, in a Sunday statement.

The news comes during an auspicious month for Hamilton lottery players. 

On Dec. 3, Hamilton's Kathryn Jones won a $50-million prize from OLG, despite losing the winning ticket she'd purchased nearly a year prior.

Just two days later, the OLG announced that the winning ticket for a Dec. 4 $19-million jackpot had been sold in Hamilton as well

Jones bought her ticket last year at a Shoppers Drug Mart on Dundas Street in Cambridge, where she works as an engineer.

She lost the ticket, but didn’t submit a claim.

Then, this fall, two OLG employees showed up at her door.

“We weren't sure we wanted to let them in the house,” Jones told CBC News. “Then they showed us their ID, so they came in and sat down and started asking a number of questions.”

The commission says it found Jones while investigating someone else’s claim. More than 400 people had stepped forward, claiming to be the missing winner of last year’s $50 million prize.

Jones had to follow an extensive process to be verified as the real winner.

Less than a week later Hamilton was at the centre of another multi-million dollar lotto win.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming announced that the winning ticket in a 6/49 lotto draw in early December, worth just over $19 million, was sold in Hamilton. No winner has stepped forward to claim the prize yet, but an OLG spokesperson said someone out there is likely celebrating today.

"It's good time to be in Hamilton," OLG's Dita Kuhtey told CBC Hamilton after the second win. Hamilton's winning steak continues.

Kuhtey said it's not uncommon for winners to take a few days before claiming their prize. Many wait to "let the shock wear off," and to get things in order before collecting their prize. At this point the OLG doesn't even know where the winner is from, or even if they've checked their winning ticket.