For the second time in a week, Hamilton is at the centre of a multi-million dollar lotto win.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming announced that the winning ticket in Wednesday night's 6/49 lotto, worth just over $19 million, was sold in Hamilton. No winner has stepped forward to claim the prize yet, but an OLG spokesperson said someone out there is likely celebrating today.

"It's good time to be in Hamilton," said OLG's Dita Kuhtey.

Kuhtey said it's not uncommon for winners to take a few days before claiming their prize. Many wait to "let the shock wear off," and to get things in order before collecting their prize. At this point the OLG doesn't even know where the winner is from, or even if they've checked their winning ticket.

The win marks a busy week in local lotto news.

On Tuesday it was revealed a Hamilton woman had won a $50 million prize from OLG, despite losing her winning ticket. This latest win marks the fifth big win — big win, as in, over $15 million — linked to the city this year. 

Kuhtey said it's not uncommon for certain areas to experience "a winning streak." A few years ago Ottawa was home to a slew of winners, and earlier this year Guelph residents were on a hot streak she said.

Still, "every ticket does have an equal chance to win," Kuhtey said, adding the chances of winning are in line with the population. 

Still, for lotto players in Hamilton: "it's nice to think good fortune is shining on you when you buy your ticket," Kuhtey said.