Our school communities, the students, principals and teachers came through on Friday and today Ancaster answered our call — 82,500 pounds of food and an additional $6,500 going to our food serving agencies. I must admit I did cry ... here in the photo with our total are those who were around at the end — some of these young people came in at 8 a.m. and worked outside in the cold for 7 hours ... all for one purpose ... to help our neighbours in need. Well we sure did it ... here is what our little committee has to say.

Congratulations Ancaster! 21 Years of Ancaster Community Food Drive

The spirit of generosity and sense of community was once again clearly evident for the 21st Ancaster Community Food Drive. On Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013, hundreds of volunteers canvassed door to door throughout the community collecting a total of 82,500 pounds of food donations and $6,500. Over its 21-year history, the Ancaster community has donated a total 1,203,000 pounds of food and $63,500 in support of the food bank agencies serving the needs of families throughout the Ccity of Hamilton. Thank you to the community of Ancaster for their generosity and overwhelming support.

To the schools, churches, service clubs, Fire Station 20 and Fire Station 21 and community organizations who eagerly participated in activities to raise food donations, funds and awareness of hunger in our own city, we are most grateful.

To our local businesses in Ancaster and growing list of corporate supporters in the city of Hamilton who have donated hot beverages, hot food, pastries, sandwiches, snacks and supplies for the hundreds of volunteers, we thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to our city of Hamilton. We also acknowledge so many others who have supported our food drive in many ways. We thank all of our media in the city who helped to get our message out to the public.

Our efforts and achievements, although significant, are still over-shadowed by the continued and growing demands that our local agencies strive to provide to families in need. To the food bank agencies of Hamilton, their staff and volunteers, we thank them for their continued commitment and dedication on a daily basis to provide food and support for those in need throughout Hamilton.


The Organizing Committee - Ancaster Community Food Drive

Stuart Bootsma, Kelly Caldwell, Frank Ernest, Tom Ippolito, Betty Kobayashi, Nell Konkin, Arnie Lenssen, Jim LoPresti, Jan Lukas, Maude McLennan, Cathy Morrison, John Morrison, Bob Mullen, Steve Paterson, Bob Patterson, Laurie Ptolemy and Joan Slade