8,000 Christmas lights and a soundtrack at this Hamilton house

Matt Dreszel loves Christmas, and he's got the light and sound show to prove it.
Check out this 8,000 light show, all set to music 3:44

Matt Dreszel loves Christmas. And he's got the 8,000 Christmas light show to prove it. And a soundtrack.

Every night, the West Mountain resident fires up his specialized Christmas light show, where multi-coloured lights dance on-and-off to the tune of Christmas songs broadcast from the house's own FM signal. If you happen to drive by Dreszel's home, you can check it out for yourself, but if not you can see a portion of the display in the video above. 

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The show, which took Dreszel about 70 hours to program and four days to install, features some 8,000 Christmas lights as well as multi-coloured floodlights and custom-built light-up lollipops. Why did he do it?

"Christmas lights, and Christmas itself, has always been a big thing with my family," Dreszel told CBC Hamilton, adding he may have inherited his "Christmas crazy" from his mother.

He's loved Christmas lights, in particular, since he was a child. He remembers visiting a Stoney Creek street where every house was covered in lights. 

"That's probably one of my earliest memories when I was wowed by Christmas lights," he said. 

Now, he's inspiring others. Dreszel says around ten cars visit each night, but he's expecting more once the Hamilton News names his house among its Christmas lights contest winners. Already, passers-by — including an HSR driver — have stopped to congratulate him on the light show and ask him how he did it. His biggest fan, he said, might be the little girl next door.

"She absolutely loves it," Dreszel said.

While he's proud of his creation, he asked to not share his exact address. "I'd hate for it to get so popular that I'd have to take it down," he said, pointing out other light-fanatics he's chatted with online have told him about having to stop their shows, including a man behind a viral LMFAO-based Halloween display. 

And, if you're worried about Dreszel's hydro bill, don't. All of the lights are LED, he said, so the show is cheap to run. That said, it still wasn't cheap to acquire those lights, even though he works at a lighting company, Dreszel said. "I cringe every now and then when I think about what I've spent," he said with a laugh. 

Dreszel's biggest problem now, is that he doesn't know what to do now that the project he's been working on since June is up and running. Lucky for him, he enjoys looking at Christmas lights as much as he enjoys putting them up.

"I love walking the dog and just looking at them," he said.

"Even if you just put up a string of lights, it's so nice to see people celebrating the season. Too often, people don't take time to slow down and enjoy the little things." 

 You can find his extended 23 minute video on YouTube.


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