This is the last year of for door-to-door mail service for thousands of homes on Hamilton Mountain.

Canada post will begin phasing in community mailboxes for the older section of the Mountain near the edge of the escarpment starting in Spring, 2015. Officials at Canada Post made the announcement at the Mountain mail depot Wednesday morning.

The change affects 36,500 households in the L8W, L9A, L9C, L8J, L8T and L8V postal codes. About 35,000 homes in the city are already using community mailboxes on top of 43,000 apartment deliveries, says Mary Traversy, senior vice-president of business transformation at Canada Post.

“Any new subdivision since 1984 is on community mailbox” she said. “75,000 or so are already on central delivery.”

“It’s really the areas that are right up next to the escarpment that [will be converted],” she said.

Affected households will get an information package in the mail within the next couple of weeks, which will include a survey that will help guide Canada post on where to put the mailboxes, Traversy says.

“We have a number of criteria in place to make sure we’re picking the best spot,” she said. That includes traffic patterns and finding well lit areas.

The company will “work closely” with city staff to make sure the change runs as smoothly as possible, she added.

The cross-Canada conversion to community mailboxes is expected to take five years.

Canada Post announced late last year that it’s cutting jobs, phasing out door-to-door delivery of regular mail to urban residents and increasing the cost of stamps in an effort to modernize and increase revenues.