Worried about how your "fa-la-la-la-lahs" will sound this holiday season? Don't worry, CBC Hamilton's got you covered.

We asked local voice coach Sue Crowe Connolly, of the Hamilton Sings! community choir and Claim Your Voice Studios, to come by our newsroom to give us her top tips for singing carols. You can see a video of her visit above.

Connolly's first tip, is to relax and have fun.

"If you have a voice, you can sing," she said.

Her other pro tip: consider a warm-up before you head out for a night of singing (yes, you could do it in the shower long before the party starts.)

Mid-song, Crowe Connolly has two tips. If you're worried about singing in key, try to adjust your voice to match a strong singer nearby. And while you're singing, breathe normally and stay relaxed.

Regardless of how well you sing, Crowe Connolly said, the important thing is to have fun.