Every day, musicians write, record and release new music in Ontario — so each week, we're bringing you some of our favourites.

Music columnist Adam Carter is on CBC Radio One's In the Key of C and Big City Small World on Saturdays, with your guide to what's new and exciting in Ontario music.

Here are this week's picks:

Kevin Ramroop: Summertime

Can you hear that? It's the last gasp of summer, fluttering away.

That's why it's imperative that you cherish songs like Summertime before it's too late.

This track feels like the soundtrack to a warm summer night, and there are precious few of those left.

Elliott Brood: Dig a Little Hole

Dig a Little Hole is from Elliott Brood's new album Ghost Gardens, which drops Sept. 15.

Though this track is new, it feels like it has the bones of a classic folk song.

From the vocal melody to the mandolin, there's just a timeless sort of quality about it.

DVSN: Mood

OVO heavyweights DVSN just released a brand new track called Mood.

There's a real fragility and tenderness on Daniel Daley's falsetto vocal line here.

And when that chorus kicks in — that's what R&B is supposed to sound like.

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