Poisoned dogs

The five survivors — named Ginny, Fletcher, Bellatrix, Trinity and Poppy — will be put up for adoption after they are fully recovered. (Hamilton/Burlington SPCA)

Two pups are dead and five others are recovering at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA after they were baited and poisoned last week.

Animal Control Services in a neighbouring community picked up seven pups that were staggering and had elevated respiratory rates last Wednesday, HBSPCA said in a release. The pups were delivered to a local dog rescue at Grand River Animal Hospital in Caledonia where they were stabilized.

The hospital induced vomiting, fed charcoal to the dogs and performed early diagnostics, HBSPCA said in a release.

Two dogs, however, were too ill to be saved and were humanely euthanized at the hospital, according to HBSPCA.

The remaining five dogs — named named Ginny, Fletcher, Bellatrix, Trinity and Poppy — were transported to the HBSPCA on Friday and underwent examination. They received IV fluid support and were monitored night and day, HBSPCA said. 

As of Sunday noon, the pups had survived the critical 96 hours, HBSPCA said. The next steps are to assess organ functions, especially those of their kidneys.

The dogs will also need Martingale collars, which will ensure their safety while they are socializing and being walked.

They will remain in the care of HBSPCA for another seven to ten days before being put up for adoption.

“This is a sad case,” said Jennifer Farr, director of the HBSPCA Companion Animal Hospital. “Baiting dogs to ingest toxins is cruel and inhumane treatment.”

Farr also urged people who are concerned about stray animals to contact local Animal Control Services or SPCA. 

Those who wish to make a donation and sponsor the recovering pups can do so by visiting http://hbspca.com/donate/ways-to-donate/.