There are 150 homes in Hamilton still without power, Horizon Utilities says.

Crews have managed to get down to the last 1 per cent of people affected by the outage, spokesperson Neil Freeman said in an email.

More information on when power will be completely restored would be coming after 9 a.m., he said. Some people in Hamilton have been without power for 90 hours:

According to a statement from Horizon, the company is still working to restore power — but these last areas are difficult to reach.

"The remaining customers with outages are in areas with electrical servicing from the rear of the property, where repairs are inaccessible to heavy equipment, and in heavily treed areas," the release reads. "All broader area outages have been addressed and all storm related outages in St. Catharines have been restored."

"It is expected that most remaining customers will have power restored on Tuesday. We will continue to update customers as new information becomes available."

There are still pockets of homes without power all over the city, including areas of the lower city, the Mountain,  Dundas, Ancaster and Lynden. Horizon still has 100 people in the field working on downed lines and more than 50 staff working in its command centre, the statement reads.

But customers who have property damage to the electrical lines attached to their own homes are still responsible for fixing it, Horizon says.

"All customers with overhead (versus underground) wires from the street should check the 'stack' where the electric service connects to the house," the statement reads. "If it is damaged, the customer must have a licensed electrician repair the stack before Horizon can restore power."

Here are tips from Horizon on how to inspect damage to your service stack:

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