Fiona Lyndsey Murphy

Fiona Lyndsey Murphy is the fourth daughter in the Murphy family, born Friday morning. Her dad, Mark, was killed in a crash in Hamilton in May. (Nicole Murphy)

The toes of a baby girl born in Hamilton on Friday resemble her dad's, and the toes of her three big sisters. She has his lips, too.

It's a special and "absolutely bittersweet" resemblance for mother Nicole Murphy, who lost her husband, Mark, in a collision near Hamilton's airport in May.  

Fiona Lyndsey Murphy, is the fourth daughter in the Murphy family. Soon after Mark died, Nicole announced she was 10 weeks pregnant.

"I look at her and feel overwhelmed with love, but so sad that she will never know her dad," Nicole told CBC News.

Mark Murphy killed

A family photo shows Mark Murphy, his wife, Nicole, and their kids, shortly after the birth of their third daughter. Murphy was killed in a crash in May. (Kristin Lamarre/GoFundMe)

"All the other girls have a video of their first steps with Mark," she said. "It saddens me that Fiona won't have that.

"But the older girls have a big responsibility of making sure the younger two know just how amazing he was."

'Every day is very challenging since Mark passed away'

Murphy said she's felt supported by family and friends – including with a surprise baby shower – as she grieves her husband, who was 33.

"The older girls have a big responsibility of making sure the younger two know just how amazing he was." - Nicole Murphy

She went to a retreat in November called Camp Widow, and she said the experience gave her "great tools to help prepare for what the future holds" and gave her a chance to talk with people who understood what she is living through.

Mark Murphy

A funeral announcement says Murphy loved curling, Newfoundland and the Blue Jays. (Bay Gardens and Bayview)

"Every day is very challenging since Mark passed away and the transition has been difficult for everyone," she told CBC News. "The girls have amazed me with how resilient and strong they have been but they miss their dad a lot especially now that the holidays are here."

Mark Murphy worked an early shift daily at a precast concrete facility in Dundas, and was on his way home when he was involved in the crash.

Nicole and Mark met in a softball tournament in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Nicole was 18 and it was Mark's 21st birthday.

"He was so excited when I told him baby number 4 was coming, although quite unexpected it was," she wrote in a post to friends on Facebook at the time of the crash.

"I love you Mark, you gave me the best 13 years of my life."

An online fundraiser set up by friends of the Murphys has raised close to $50,000 since the collision.