More mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus, bringing the city's risk for human infection to "high" as of Monday afternoon.

Lower east Hamilton was the area of the city with the most places where West Nile-positive mosquitoes was found, with upper Stoney Creek being second.

City public health officials put out 19 traps every week. The traps set so far this year have yielded positive results in the following areas:

  • Ancaster (1)
  • Glanbrook (1)
  • Central Mountain (1)
  • East Mountain (3)
  • Lower central Hamilton (2)
  • Lower east Hamilton (5)
  • Lower Stoney Creek (2)
  • Upper Stoney Creek (4)

There have been no West-Nile-positive mosquitoes detected by city traps in Dundas, Flamborough, the west Mountain or lower west Mountain.

To decrease your risk of getting sick, use a mosquito repellent, cover up with long sleeves and long pants – especially at dawn and dusk – and remove standing water from your property.

More information about West Nile is available on the city's website.