Mohawk College's security team is investigating after a CHCH News television reporter had a lewd phrase screamed at her twice while doing a report on campus this week.

Reporter Britt Dixon tweeted about the incidents Tuesday afternoon, saying men had yelled "f--k her right in the p---y" at her twice in one day — once during an interview, and then again moments before she was about to go live on TV.

"With all of the sexual harassment complaints and the close attention being paid right now I am sad to say I was interviewing students at a college today & a male student yelled FHRITP behind me in the middle of an interview," Dixon tweeted.

Then, later that same day, she tweeted: "Wow twice in one day #FHRITP a minute before my live hit... speechless."

The practice of yelling the crude phrase started in 2014, after it was featured in a fake newscast blooper that went viral online. Since then, it has happened to many reporters across the country.

Mohawk College President Ron McKerlie issued a statement about the incident, saying the campus security team is currently investigating both incidents.

"This is deeply disappointing and is not reflective of our shared values," he wrote. "Sexual harassment is also a clear violation of Mohawk's student behavior policy. Violating this policy can result in suspension or expulsion from our college. At a minimum, students are required to apologize and sign a behavior contract."

McKerlie then later tweeted, "If you somehow believe it is acceptable or humorous to demean and sexually harass women then you are not welcome at @mohawkcollege."

FHRITP: Female reporters challenging the harassers10:19