The two men accused of killing Ancaster man Tim Bosma made video appearances in a Hamilton courtroom Thursday afternoon. The appearances were brief, each about a minute. In them, Mark Smich and Dellen Millard were remanded to appear by the same means about one month from now on April 24.

Smich appeared on the screen in an orange jumpsuit. His head is now bald and he had his hands behind his face, and briefly brought them to his side, and then clasped them in front. He confirmed his name when the judge addressed him. The next time he spoke was when the appearance was over. “Thank you,” he said.

Millard was also in an orange jumpsuit, with his hair almost to his shoulders. He ran his hands through it, and then held them behind his back. The judge got him confused with someone else. “No, I’m Dellen Millard,” he said. And then, just, “Alright. Thank you," at the end. 

Tim Bosma went missing on May 6th when two men came by to take the truck he was advertising online for a test drive. Eight days later Bosma's remains were found on a farm near Waterloo.

Almost a year has passed since Bosma's death, and his widow Sharlene sat with family members and friends near the front of the courtroom. She didn't look at the screen when the accused men appear, about 20 minutes apart. Instead she stared forward and her gaze was slightly down. When the men left the television screen, she wrote something in a medium sized black notebook.