A man in his mid-60s has died after being bitten by a dog in east Hamilton today, police say — but it isn't clear what impact the bite had on his death.

Information is difficult to come by, as police, the city and the coroner's office say they will not disclose exactly what happened to the man.

Emergency crews were first called to a home on Belview Avenue, near Gage Park, just before 1:30 p.m. Police say they found a man in "medical distress" who had been bitten by a dog, but investigators classified the bite itself as "not serious."

dog from home

Animal control officers seized this dog from the home. (Andrew Collins/CBC)

Paramedics say they transported one man to hospital in life threatening condition, but could not comment on the extent or cause of his injuries. In a news release, police said the man has since been pronounced dead.

"I was told that the actual dog bite wasn't serious," police Staff Sgt. Gary Heron told CBC News.

Video footage shot at the scene shows a man with what appears to be an injured arm being hoisted into a waiting ambulance.

Cameras also caught a dog with an animal control pole/snare around its neck being led into a waiting van by a city animal services officer.

Man dies in Hamilton, dog seized0:38

City spokesperson Ann Lamanes would not comment on the incident, nor would she say what is being done with the dog.

Hamilton Police say they are not releasing the man's identity, and added that the investigation has been taken over by the coroner's office. Police asked that any further inquires go to the coroner.

When contacted, the coroner's office said it would not comment on the incident.

"I am unable to provide any information concerning this or any other investigation in accordance with the freedom of information and protection of privacy act and the coroners act," spokesperson Cheryl Mahyr said in an email.