It's over! Or is it? A look back at the winter of 2013/14

Everything you want to forget about the last six months of winter.

Here's a reminder of everything you want to forget about the winter that officially ends today

Every winter is a treat in the beginning; beautiful snow starts falling, holiday decorations  are hung for all to see, and everyone is wishing everyone a happy and well season. But  before long, the weather grows frigid, annoying, inconvenient, and insufferable; and the  first day of spring becomes something to dream about. Never more so than this year, with the winter we have just  had.

It was the coldest winter in 20 years. At an average of - 7.5 C, Hamilton hasn’t felt an average like that since the winter of 1993-1994. Also, we  have already accumulated an above-average amount of snow at 157.8 cm.

Time to look back? Maybe.  Maybe it's too soon.

Because this probably won’t be the end of it said GeoffCoulson, a meteorologist at Environment  Canada.

“Models indicate that colder than normal temperatures will continue. Not to say we won’t  get a few nice days here and there in the coming weeks, but, by and large, things will  remain colder than normal,” said Coulson.

Well, here it is anyway, a look back at the coldest winter since Fresh Prince of Belair was one of the biggest shows on TV, Cheers ended, the Blue Jays won the World Series and Bill Clinton began his presidency.