Hamilton Police officers fired shots at two suspects early yesterday morning after an attempted break and enter at a Telus Mobility store on Upper James Street.

According to police, the two male suspects fled as soon as they were confronted by police and jumped into a waiting car. The car sped directly towards an officer, causing police to fire shots at the oncoming vehicle.

Neither suspects were injured and managed to escape.

This latest incident comes just weeks after an inquest into the actions of another Hamilton police officer, Const. Ryan Tocher, and his connection to the death of 27-year-old Phonesay Chanthachack.

The 10-day inquest raised questions about the level of training given to new recruits and their preparedness to shoot at moving targets. Evidence presented at the inquest was that officers are not trained for that scenario.

Police at the scene arrested a third suspect inside the Telus store with the help of a police dog. The suspect, who is a minor, was in court today facing four counts of breaking and entering

An investigation into the break and enter is underway as police search for the two suspects. Police would like to speak to any witnesses who were present at the time.