At 2:09 a.m. New Year's Day, baby boy Maddix made his debut into the world as Hamilton's first baby of the year.

Maddix was born at McMaster Children's Hospital weighing 6 pounds and one ounce.

Both he and mother, Dystynee May are doing "pretty good" says the first-time mother, although she understandably hasn't been sleeping much.

"It's exciting. My first child born on the first day of the year and to be the first one in the city was exciting," said May.

Dystynee May

Dystynee May gave birth to her first baby on New Year's Day. Baby Maddix was born a week early. (Submitted by Elise Copps)

May is from Cambridge and is hoping to head back home soon.

She says Maddix was born a week early.