It isn't everyday that you get to perform to for the pope — but this will be Hamilton composer Boris Brott's second crack at it.

The renowned musician has been invited to conduct for Pope Francis at the Vatican on May 8. Brott also conducted the Vatican premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass in 2000 for Pope John Paul II.

"Most people consider themselves lucky if they perform for or meet one pope — and here I am performing for two," Brott told CBC Hamilton. "Meeting Pope John Paul II was a very inspiring experience and I very much look forward to the opportunity to meet Pope Francis."

The concert will take place in the Paul VI Hall within the walls of the Vatican and will feature two major works by Cardinal Domeinco Bartolucci: his Magnificat and the world premiere of his Requiem. Bartolucci will be celebrating his 96th birthday and this concert is dedicated to him.

Brott calls it a "romantic, tuneful, inspiring piece" that he's looking forward to "bringing the little black dots on that paper to life."

"I'm so thrilled to be representing Hamilton and Canada."