A family member of the Hamilton man missing in Australia has told the CBC that volunteer rescuers may have found footprints that belong to Prabhdeep Srawn.

Srawn went missing on May 13 during a bushwalk in the Snowy Mountains near the Australian capital of Canberra.  Since then, volunteers have been scouring the area to find the former Canadian Forces reservist.

In an email to the CBC, Dr. Tej Sahota, husband of Srawn's cousin, wrote that there are "10 soldiers from Canadian army, 5 Australian volunteers, 2 people with their rescue dog, 6 other Canadian volunteers and a few members of the local national parks" searching the Lady Northcote Canyon area and surrounding basin, and that "there was a chance they found old footprints near the canyon…where the voice was initially heard."

On May 22, volunteers reported possibly hearing a voice calling for ‘help’ in the vicinity of the remote Lady Northcote area of the Snowy Mountains.

Srawn's family has offered a $100,000 reward for finding the 25-year-old hiker.