The annual Haudenosaunee deer harvest will start next week in the Dundas Valley — deer that will go to longhouse ceremonies, elders and feeding hunters' families. 

'We're confident that we have been able to find a place where it is safe for our hunters to go.' - Paul Williams, Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority

As many as 60 deer will be harvested from November to January in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. This happens as part of the treaty rights of the Haudenosaunee on Hamilton Conservation Authority-owned lands.

"We're confident that we have been able to find a place where it is safe for our hunters to go; where we can exercise legal, traditional rights carefully," said Paul Williams of the Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority (HWHA) in a joint release with the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA). "And we're grateful that we are able to work with partners who share our ecological values."

The impacted areas are closed. Signs will be posted and adjacent residents notified.

Deer hunting will happen in the "schedule A" area on Monday to Thursday between Nov. 13 and Dec. 7.

Dates back thousands of years

From Jan. 2 to 11, it will happen Monday to Thursday in the "schedule B" area.

Haudenosaunee deer hunting in the area dates back thousands of years, the release says.

It happens now as part of the Nanfan Treaty or the Treat of Albany of 1701, which gives the Haudenosaunee the right to harvest and fish in the area.

The protocol between the HCA and the HWHA was established in 2011.

The hunters, Williams said, "intend to conduct the harvest safely, humanely and consistently with best conservation practices."

Impacted areas

Deer harvest

The deer hunt will take place Monday through Thursday between Nov. 14 and Dec. 8 in this area. (Hamilton Conservation Authority)

Deer harvest

The deer hunt will happen in this area between Jan. 2 and 11. (Hamilton Conservation Authority)