A driver managed to make it 38 kilometres down the Queen Elizabeth Highway in the wrong direction early Thursday morning before police were able to stop him.

The male driver was heading towards Niagara on the QEW at around 1:30 a.m., but was driving in the Hamilton-bound lanes.

The Niagara Falls Review reports that the driver was a 71-year-old man travelling from Hamilton to St. Catharines.

OPP Sergeant Dave Woodford told CBC Hamilton he could not confirm the identity of the driver, saying the incident is still under investigation.

"We’re checking to see if this was a medical condition," Woodford said.  

The man travelled 38 kilometres down the wrong side of the highway before Ontario Provincial Police managed to force him to stop.

"There was an arrest made, and a spike belt was used to stop the vehicle," Woodford said. "No other vehicles were involved." 

According to police, nobody was injured.