Several homes in a north Hamilton neighbourhood have undergone a wild transformation.

Homes on Keith Street near Wentworth Street North have been plastered with multicoloured paint for a made-for-TV Disney Channel movie called Zombies.

Disney shoot

The movie is called "Zombies." (Facebook)

The new paint job is coupled with a collection of decorative odds and ends like brightly-coloured tires lining a lawn, strings of lights, brass instruments strapped to a front porch and bicycles affixed to fences.

Then there's the massive yellow bird cages and the purple chairs strapped to the ceiling of a front porch. The whole thing feels a bit like fairytale fever dream.

Disney shoot

The city says the shoot will likely wrap up next week. (Facebook)

Zombies is a musical, and it's set for a 2018 premiere on the Disney Channel. The story follows the teens of Seabrook High, a fictional suburban town that's "preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies," Disney says.

"That is until transfer students from Zombietown integrate into the school and a cheerleader and zombie football star, Addison and Zed, fall in love," said spokesperson Corina Galdamez in an email.

The movie features stars Meg Donnelly from ABC's American Housewife, Milo Manheim from Ghost Whisperer and Carla Jeffery from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Production began in May, and film locations have been set up across the GTA and in Hamilton.

When filming wraps at each location, everything is returned to its original state, Galdamez says — so don't expect the multicoloured homes to become a Hamilton fixture.