In the world of poliitics the UN has weighed in on the fate of Julian Assange while Donald Trump again occupies media space.

The WikiLeaks founder says a UN panel's finding that he has been arbitrarily detained is a "vindication."

 In Toronto, the Jian Ghomeshi trial resumes today.  Jian Ghomeshi's lawyer will resume her cross-examination of actress Lucy DeCoutere today, after abruptly ending her questioning on Thursday suggesting the complainant has not revealed other contact she had with the former CBC Radio host following an alleged assault.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on a screen as he addresses journalists in London by video link from the London embassy of Ecuador on Friday. ( Frank Augstein/Associated Press)

Do you fly much? CBC Marketplace has take a look at just how prepared passengers really are for an emergency.

Back in the Republican race for presidential candidate, with Iowa now done, focus is on to New Hampshire.

There's a lot of analysis of what is next for Donald Trump: Here's a look at what is happening:

Donald Trump hopes to rebound in New Hampshire, but Iowa loss could hurt

Local top stories

Locally the top stories are both crime stories. 

It was a day of dramatic testimony in the Tim Bosma trial Thursday as one witness described discovering what he thought to be the missing truck he had heard about on the news at his workplace.

 Another witness was selling a truck just like Bosma's. He talked about going on a test drive with two men, one of whom was identified as co-accused Mark Smich on the day before Bosma disappeared.

 The trial is not in session today:

You can catch up on the firse week of proceedings in the trial here: 

And here's the complete story about the Glanbrook homeowner charged with murder. The charges comes as a result of an attempted theft of a truck, say police.