Charges laid in string of May sexual assaults

Police say tips from the public helped make an arrest. They are also believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward

Police say tips from the public helped make an arrest

A 65-year-old Hamilton man has been arrested in connection with a string of sexual assaults that occurred in the east end of Hamilton at the end of May.

The accused is charged with criminal harassment and four counts of sexual assault.

The first victim was assaulted on May 24 outside of a convenience store. A man approached her and struck up a conversation before grabbing her face, kissing her, and then sexually assaulting her. A friend who was with her attempted to help and the suspect fled on foot.

The next day, a second victim was getting off the city bus in the same area. A man approached her, followed her a short way and then assaulted her. The victim said she remembered him from a previous, similar incident on a city bus.

On the following Monday, the second victim was walking in the downtown area and noticed the same man, who followed her on the bus and while she purchased a coffee while on the east Mountain. The man tried to pay for her coffee and she ignored him and left the store. The man followed her into the parking lot, grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. She called the police whens she got to work.

Detective Sergeant Maggie Schoen with the Hamilton Police Service Victims of Crime Unit said Grewal was arrested as a result of information provided by the public.

"If it wasn’t for the citizens of Hamilton," says Schoen, "this would still be an open case"

Hamilton Police believe that there may still be more victims and are encouraging anyone with information to contact the Hamilton Police Service Sexual Assault Unit at 905-540-5050.

The accused  was released with conditions on a Promise to Appear in court on July 23.