CBC Hamilton is looking to hire freelance contributors (CBC)

CBC Hamilton’s mandate and goals include being a place for discussion and debate of important local issues, and providing opportunity for the community to express views and opinions.

To those ends, CBC Hamilton is looking to engage freelance contributors to write regular opinion columns and commentary on various topics for our site.

Contributors would be expected to write columns/commentary of roughly 500 words on timely topics of direct relevance to Hamilton.

Contributors will need to meet CBC style and journalistic standards and recognize that reflecting our community is an important part of the CBC mandate.

We are now taking applications from community members interested in contributing in the following general topic areas:

  • Local politics.
  • Hamilton business/economy.
  • Hamilton arts and culture.
  • Urban/suburban development issues.
  • Hamilton diversity/inclusion/immigration.

We are inviting applications from people interested in being regular contributors, but also from people interested in one-time or occasional contributions.

Contributors will be paid based on standard CBC freelance rates.

Please submit a resume, writing samples and at least one sample column.

Email submissions to: