Hamilton smashed bus shelter

The city says police are investigating after an overnight bus shelter vandalism spree. (Kelly MacNeill‎/Facebook)

The city and police are investigating after 17 bus shelters were smashed overnight.

"We are looking into the history of HSR shelters being vandalized — at this time we're not aware of anything of this scale happening in the past," said city spokesperson Jasmine Graham.

The city says these locations were all smashed overnight:

  • Main and Graham, north side
  • Kimberly Traffic Circle
  • Barton and Frederick, north side
  • Barton and Ottawa, north side
  • Barton and Rosslyn, north side
  • Barton and Cavell, north side
  • Main and Delta, north side
  • Main and Parkrow, north side
  • Main and Ottawa, north side
  • Main and Balmoral, north side
  • King and Fairholt, north side
  • Fennell and Upper Wentworth, northeast side
  • Fennell and Upper Wellington, south side
  • Fennell and East 5th, south side
  • Fennell and Upper Sherman, southeast side
  • Garth and Mountain Crest, east side
  • Garth and Denlow, east side

Police say they were first called about the vandalism just before 5:30 a.m., with subsequent reports coming in soon after.

Detectives are now investigating.