Two men are facing several drug charges after accidentally getting lost at the U.S. border in Fort Erie and getting stopped with over 100 grams of cocaine, police announced today.

The incident happened on Nov. 22, when two men in a rental car who were lost near the Canada/U.S. border made a wrong turn onto the Peace Bridge.

They tried to avoid crossing into the States, the RCMP says, by turning around and heading back to Canada through the Nexus lane. But they weren't Nexus members.

In order to avoid crossing into the United States, the men turned around and returned to Canada through the NEXUS lane. Being non-NEXUS members, they were stopped, police say.

Border agents searched the car and found 120 grams of cocaine and around $10,000 in cash, police say.

A 24-year-old Toronto man and a 25-year-old Toronto man were both charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, alongside other drug-related offences.

They were released from custody and are set to appear in court in St. Catharines on Dec. 21.