Crowds of people gathered at Hamilton City Centre to watch more than a hundred participants in the Around the Bay Road Race dance their hearts out in a flash mob Wednesday.

Moving and bouncing to the sound of My Body by Young the Giant, the flash mob participants were from various corporations and organizations that are working to raise money for St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. The teams, which will be running in the Around the Bay Road Race on March 24th, used the flash mob opportunity to warm up for the race while raising awareness for their cause.

St. Joseph’s director of special events, Anna Lewis, explained the flash mob as having a dual purpose for the teams.

"It’s an opportunity to have some fun, but also see how the community is coming together to help the cause," said Lewis.

She also explained the decision to organize a flash mob instead of any other event was made because it was something participants had not done before, as well as an opportunity for the teams to have fun together in a unique environment.

At the end of the performance, Parkside High School co-op student Brooke Weaver said she had a great time being part of the mob.

"We pumped up the crowd," said Weaver. "I think it went really well."

The Around the Bay Road Race was established in 1894 and is the oldest long distance road race in North America. St. Joseph’s has been participating in fundraising for the event since 2005. This year, representatives for the foundation say they hope to raise $300,000 through the event.


  • Hamilton's Around The Bay Road Race was first run in 1894, not 1897 as this story originally reported.
    Mar 25, 2013 10:21 AM ET