40 pythons discovered in Brantford motel

Police stumbled on the snakes in the motel as part of another investigation

Forty pythons discovered by police in a Brantford motel room are now inthe care of the Brant County SPCA.

The snakes were in five plastic containers in a motel room and were in distress because of cramped conditions and lack of water.

"I've never seen a load of snakes this big in my time here." said Brandon James, spokesman for the Brant County SPCA.

The biggest python was estimated to be 1.3 metres long. There were all sizes including some that were obviously quite young. There were even a few unhatched eggs in the bins.

The pythons were discovered Thursday night by police as part of a separate investigation.

Officers contacted the SPCA, which came and took the snakes. The SPCA has them in individual containers in a separate portable facility. James said it appeared they had recently been fed.

James says the snakes will be handed over to a reptile facility somewhere in Ontario. He would not say where.

It is illegal to own a python in Brantford.