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Provincial Elections 2015

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Analysis Alberta election 2015: Can the PC dynasty defy their long odds?
The signs pointing to an NDP victory in Tuesday's Alberta election are stronger than those favouring Wildrose in 2012. Can the PCs defy the odds again? Polls analyst Eric Grenier looks at the latest numbers.
Blog PC letter appeals for more donor funds to 'win a majority for Jim Prentice'
'We can't afford to allow any of the opposition campaigns to outspend us and take a seat away from one of our outstanding candidates': CBC's Scott Dippel takes a look at a fundraising letter from the PCs appealing for more campaign donations.
Moe Amery, PC candidate, says vandals targeting his signs
A Progressive Conservative candidate says his campaign signs are being targeted by vandals, after hundreds have turned up defaced, broken or cut in half.

PEI Votes »

P.E.I. election day arrives
After a month of promises and debate, election day has arrived on Prince Edward Island.
Analysis 4 rookie leaders, accountability the key issues in P.E.I. election
With a history of alternating between Liberal and Conservative governments, this should probably be the Tories' turn. But with each of the four main parties on the island having brand new, untried leaders, Monday's vote is not easy to call.
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