A devil's pitchfork, a swashbuckler's cutlass and at least a couple of fancy swords were among several Halloween toy weapons prohibited at Prime Minister Stephen Harper's residence — though a pint-sized Wolverine passed the screening area bearing faux claws.

The Harpers welcomed throngs of costumed trick-or-treaters on Wednesday at their pumpkin-lined home at 24 Sussex Drive, doling out Halloween goodie bags and posing for pictures with the children.

But plastic weapons had to be left behind and security personnel requested that the children pass through a metal detector. One angel removed the halo from her head for inspection before proceeding to meet with a good-natured Harper.

No doubt, though, that the candy and memorable photo op made running the security gauntlet worthwhile.

The Prime Minister's Office clarified that security decisions are made by the RCMP independently from its office.