Halifax businesses get tough on graffiti artists

Halifax's Downtown Business Commission is getting frustrated with vandals tagging buildings with graffiti so it plans to take matters into its own hands.

Downtown Halifax businesses say graffiti vandals, or taggers as they're commonly known, are making the city look like a dump.

Kate Carmichael, the executive director of the Halifax Downtown Business Commission, is encouraging members of the group to become "Anti-Graffiti Terrorists." Their first action will be to take to the streets on Tuesday with wire-brushes to start cleaning up the mess created by the so-called graffiti artists.

Carmichael admits this is only a short-term solution, and that cleaning the walls could easily attract more taggers to the area. But she says it's a move toward a more long-term solution.

According to Carmichael, several businesses are already installing surveillance cameras so they can catch would-be taggers.