Gun registration deadline looms

That flintlock blunderbuss you inherited from Great grand-dad could land you in jail if you don't register the vintage gun by the end of the year.

Police say they will lay charges against anyone who disregards Canada's new gun control laws.

Every gun owner must be registered by Jan.1, 2001 to possess firearms. Every weapon must be registered by Jan.1, 2003.

The new gun control legislation sparked fierce controversy since it was proposed five years ago.

Many firearm associations were furious at the new regulations which they said would only create a huge, expensive, and unworkable bureaucracy.

Although only 2000 license applications were received from January to April of 2000, 253,000 more flooded in during the final third of this year.

After Jan.1, gun owners will have to complete a Firearms Safety Course in order to apply for a 5 year Possession and Acquisition License which will cost $60-$80.

The alternative is to run down to the post office, pay $10 for a Possession-Only license, fill it out and have it postmarked before midnight Dec.31.