The private investigator who passed on the allegations about former Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis and her husband, Rahim Jaffer, flew back from the Bahamas on Monday to speak with the RCMP.


Private investigator Derrick Snowdy, who was interviewed by CBC in the Bahamas on the weekend, flew back to Canada on Monday. ((CBC))

In a CBC interview done in the Bahamas over the weekend, Derrick Snowdy offered his theories and showed the CBC some documents which are allegedly lists of offshore shell companies. Snowdy said the man he got them from claimed the companies were set up for money laundering. Two of them have the initials RJ beside them. 

The two companies with the initials RJ are registered in Panama. It hasn't been proven that RJ means Rahim Jaffer, and it isn't even clear whose handwriting is on the documents. Beyond that, it isn't known what the allegations are or what the RCMP wants to discuss with Snowdy.

In the Commons on Monday, Transport Minister John Baird again referred to them as "serious allegations," which he said had nothing to do with government business.

Jaffer and business partner Patrick Glémaud are slated to appear before a Commons committee on Wednesday.

CBC News has learned that Snowdy has also been asked to appear before the committee, but it's not known whether a date has been established.